3 Top Reasons To Get New Gutters

Your home’s roofing system contains many parts, including the gutter system. While it may not give you many problems, it is incredibly important. As such, when something does go wrong, it can lead to many issues and expensive damage. If you would like to know more, or if you are considering replacing your gutters, check out the information below.


1. Your Gutters Are Damaged

Gutters can become damaged for a myriad of reasons, but any type of damage can cause problems, especially leaks. The seam, which is where two different pieces of gutter meet, is the most vulnerable spot for leaks, but damage from branches, animals, people, etc. can cause problems anywhere along the gutter system, including the downspouts.

If the gutter spills water, it can damage the house siding, the foundation, and landscaping. Ideally, a gutter system sends the water far away from the home, but if the gutter leaks, the water can slide down the siding and fall to the ground right outside the foundation. If you have plants under the gutters, the spilling water could seriously damage or kill them. Plus, the repetitive flow of water can cause the ground to erode, leading to dirt divots and grooves.

Getting new gutters is a great way to fix this problem. Plus, with new gutters, you can consider seamless options.


2. Your Gutters Keep Getting Clogged

Debris like twigs and leaves often get on roofs and in the gutters. A little bit of debris is not problematic, but like clogged arteries, too much debris can cause blockages, preventing the water from flowing toward the downspout. This forces the water to spill over the sides, which can pose the same harmful effects as damaged gutters.

In addition, the standing water in the gutters can damage the edge of your roof, increasing the risk of leaks. If the clogged gutters freeze, it can develop a snow dam, which prevents water from properly flowing off the roof entirely. The heavy water can also cause the gutters to sag, pulling them away from the house.

One of the best solutions for clogged gutters is to get new ones installed with a shutter system. The shutter system sits on top of the gutter to block the debris. The curved edge, however, still allows water to flow into the system. You may be able to purchase a cover to protect existing gutters, but getting new customized gutters and a shutter system is usually more effective and efficient since the entire system is built together.


3. You Want to Boost the Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is incredibly important for any homeowner, and it is one of the first factors to consider when you are selling your home. Unfortunately, bad gutters can negatively impact your curb appeal. First, if the gutters don’t blend in with the rest of the house, they may stand out considerably. Second, if the gutters are poorly maintained, they can make your home look shabby.

This issue can be exacerbated if the old gutters have damaged the house’s siding and landscaping. Potential buyers may not want to deal with the necessary repairs, making them look elsewhere or request a lower price. With new gutters, however, you will avoid many of these expensive repairs.

The gutters are often overlooked until something goes wrong, but if you don’t maintain them, it can lead to serious issues. One of the best ways to drastically cut gutter maintenance is by installing a gutter shutter system to prevent debris from clogging the entire system. If you would like to know more, contact us at Gutter Shutter of SE Wisconsin today.