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Seamless Gutters That Offer Superior Protection Against Moisture Damage

As one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, your home is your pride and joy. You’re especially proud of the way your home’s vibrant exterior helps contribute to the beautiful appearance of your neighborhood, but you also worry about the toll that Mother Nature can take. The threat of moisture damage is always lingering, particularly in the spring when snow starts to melt and rain becomes more frequent. Snowmelt and rain that are allowed to flow off the roof’s edge can stain the siding, disrupt the landscaping, and erode the foundation. The solution to preventing such damage is a rain gutter system. However, not all gutters are made the same.

If you’ve ever had to climb a ladder to clear out clogged gutters, or if your home has no gutters at all, Gutter Shutter of SE Wisconsin can offer a solution. From our location in Delafield, we install Gutter Shutter—the strongest and most reliable gutter protection system on the market—for our neighbors in Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin. Contact us today to learn how Gutter Shutter can protect your home.

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Gutter Shutter

Gutter Shutter is an all-in-one, maintenance-free gutter protection system that is built strong for lasting performance. Wide troughs and downspouts swiftly channel water away from the home, and the patented rolled hood prevents fallen debris from clogging the gutters. The result is reliable, long-term protection.

Defend Your Home


The roof acts like a shield for your home, dutifully protecting it from rain, snow, wind, and other weather. If your roof is due to be replaced, Gutter Shutter of SE Wisconsin can replace it with high-performance roofing shingles from GAF, one of the leading roofing manufacturers on the market.


Why Choose Gutter Shutter

Superior Protection

Gutter Shutter’s all-in-one design ensures year-round drainage for lasting protection against moisture damage.

Impressive Durability

Expertly crafted from premium-grade aluminum, Gutter Shutter will never sag, warp, or pull away from your home.

Lifetime Warranties

Gutter Shutter rain gutters are backed by lifetime no-clog, no-sag, and workmanship warranties for your peace of mind.

Clog-Free Performance

The rolled hood forces leaves, twigs, and other debris to slide off the gutters and to the ground, preventing clogs.
The Gutter Company Locals Trust

A Highly Experienced Gutter Contractor

Founded by exterior remodeling professionals with decades of experience in the industry, Gutter Shutter of SE Wisconsin is the exclusive dealer of Gutter Shutter in greater Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin. With so many years of experience, we’ve come to know which rain gutters perform the best, and we’re confident that Gutter Shutter lives up to its reputation. Our seamless gutters offer lifetime protection, and we back our work with a lifetime labor warranty, providing a safe choice for homeowners in need of reliable gutter protection. To learn more about Gutter Shutter, contact us today. We are a local, family-owned and -operated gutter company delivering best-in-class gutter services.

Customer Reviews

A Legacy of Exceptional Service


They did a great job explaining the product and how it works.

“I had my gutters replaced. I was more than pleased with Gutter Shutter and their service. The crew was very friendly yet professional, and kept me updated on the progress of the job. My gutters look wonderful. I would highly recommend Gutter Shutter of SE Wisconsin!”

Beth L. / Delafield, WI

The product quality is outstanding and the resulting service will not disappoint.

“You will not be disappointed if you choose Gutter Shutter of SE WI. Ernie is a great communicator and owner. Rob runs a great crew to install your project. After watching Robs installation team work on my house 2nd story project for 1/2 a day, I added a gutter to my remote garage. Rob and Ernie sweat the details during quoting, pre install communication and installation. ”

Kraig M. / Delafield, WI

They were very timely and professional from beginning to end.

“We knew that we were in need of new gutters due to our current gutters not handling the water flow during heavy rains and in the fall when the gutters were clogged with leaves. Last week the crew installed the Gutter Shutter product and downspouts. Never will I need to climb a ladder again to clean out leaves and gunk or worry about water damaging my basement walls.”

Jim P. / Delafield, WI